Happy-Medic-colorLadies & Gentlemen, children of most ages, please welcome our new mascot, the Happy Medic.

He comes to us from well known artist Paul Combs of Art Studio Seven, Fire Engineering Magazine and a post not long ago about how moving his political cartoons are.

When I commissioned the new guy I gave Paul some basic requirements, but asked him to look through the website and watch #CoEMS to get what Happy is all about.

When the proofs came back I knew I had contacted the right guy.

Happy wears his helmet, of course, which bears the number 5, a tribute to the Engine Company I was assigned to on that day back in 2007 when I got hurt, the injury that started me blogging.

His badge shows the star of life encircled by the maltese cross, very fitting indeed, and he’s wearing a smart uniform.

And, of course, that smile.

Happy did very well learning the ropes and will be taking his place in the banner very soon.  But for now, we here at Happy medic Head Quarters welcome him, and you to the site.

Stick around, we’ve got a lot of fun stuff coming up in April.

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