happyhelmetFor those of you catching up, our old mascot is retiring and we’re training the probie.  When he’s ready he’ll take over, but until then, we train!

With our daily chores completed, let’s talk about how things run around here.

Most posts surround the author’s years in a variety of different systems and stories he collects from around the world.

It’s important that when we share these stories we follow a law called HIPAA, which could stand for Hilariously Inconsistent Patient Anonymizing Actions, but doesn’t.  It’s a fancy law designed to stop billers from selling sensitive information, but now has people looking over their shoulders before thinking of sharing life saving information and techniques.  It boils down to this: Never mention names, dates of birth, or other identifying information and change enough of the details that even that patient reading it might say, “Nah, that wasn’t me.”  Respect their privacy.  Many times the best information has to be changed so much it is unusable.  Such is modern internet story telling.

When we tell the stories, we break it down into two sections.  THE EMERGENCY will tell the reader what we got activated for and THE ACTION will summarize our, well, actions.  It doesn’t imply there was ‘action!’ since there rarely is.

Not only dispatches are covered, you’ll need to look out for the You Make the Call segments.  They used to be every Friday morning with the follow up Monday mornings, but a couple of them hit a little too close to home, so now they could be any time.  When a You Make the Call goes live, we’ll see the Chief in a referee’s shirt and the COMMAND vest.  Watch the comments to see a variety of different ways to handle fire, rescue and EMS cases and check back 48-72 hours later for what we did in that situation.  It can really get the discussion started on a number of issues.

And the weekend is no time to sit back and relax, probie, we’ve got a regular Sunday feature called Sunday Fun when we’ll try to change gears away from dispatches and EMS chatter with some fun stuff from around the interwebs machine.

You really need to watch out for this EMS 2.0 thing.  It comes running in here and takes over for days at a time.  Changing the way EMS is delivered isn’t an overnight solution or project so when the topic comes up it tends to linger.  If it’s not your cup of tea, keep checking back, another fun call will come along soon.

Trauma.  A lot of folks are going to email and ask if the NBC hit drama TRAUMA is a realistic representation of EMS in San Francisco.  Just tell them to check out the TRAUMA FAQ tab at the top of the page and let them find out.  Trying to explain it just takes too long.

We’ve got you set up on Twitter as @theHappyMedic and on facebook at the Happy Medic Fan Page, so check those feeds often and remember, never post sensitive information there either.

Alright, that’s enough for now, probie, get in there and make some lunch and let’s see what kind of KP skills you’ve got.  More training after the meal.

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