It sounds like a dirty post and I’m glad I have your attention because I have a hidden tip of the helmet and letter in the file from FDIC2010 in Indianapolis.

Unfortunately, the one part of this post you are craving I do not have, the booth babes.  Try as I might I seemed to be swamped with folks over at the Zoll booth interested in learning more about the Chronicles of EMS and I never had a change to witness that which was the greatest booth concept of all time.

I won’t mention which manufacturer did it, but throughout the day, passers by mentioned gorgeous women in skimpy clothing nearby but just out of my visual range.  It was later I learned that the person who earns the Tip of the Helmet for FDIC2010 is the one who dressed these women in high fashion made from the fabrics of turnout gear.

Many many booths have put a bikini clad angel in a pair of baggy reflective pants and called that fashion, but this booth, who had a 4′ high catwalk, gathered a crowd of drooling fireman the likes of which I have never seen.  They remained long after the lovely young ladies had departed, likely wondering if they had seen what they had just seen.

There was indeed a lot of flashing at FDIC, none of it from the booth babes though, it is a family show.  I’m referring to the large amount of lighting displays on the floors of FDIC.

Mostly LED, many manufacturers are pushing the capabilities of these diodes and making them rotate, shake, bounce and most other actions that make them more than a flashing light.  Everywhere you turn a new fancy light is flashing you, whether on a brand new ladder truck, a giant ambulance, boat (yes there were boats) or simply in a 50 light array that likely caused seizures in the vendors next door.

The flashing was so intense from one rig, a friend commented she was having eye trouble minutes later.  Now that’s what I call a warning device.

Sadly, the amazing weekend was punctuated with a great example of modern customer service theory not being put into practice.

A hotel chain I will not name, other than to tell you it rhymes with El Binta not only set the bar so low success was assured, but dropped the ball completely and was the definition of a hotel FAIL.

When checking in one of the hand towels had clearly been used to dry dirty hands.  It being so early in the morning, since getting lost on the way TO the hotel (another story entirely) I dismissed it as an oversight and sought out a pillow and a mattress to sleep.  Out early the next morning, we later returned after the meetup to find the room a mess, it had not been cleaned.

Down to the manager and all I get is the kid who works the hotel desk at 2AM on a friday night.  No help.

The next morning, when checking out, the “manager” tells me there is nothing he can do since I used travelocity to book the room.  All the while not noticing the “Satisfaction 100% guaranteed or your stay is free” sign proudly displayed over his shoulder.

“So is that just for decoration?” I asked him pointing at the sign.”

“Oh that, yeah, that’s more of a corporate thing.”

Oh really?  Well, at least I can imagine the booth babes, wandering that stage in small amounts of thermal barrier while knowing I made at least 400 people more interested in the Chronicles.

Don’t forget, fair reader, I will be on leave to study for the Captain’s exam and plan to post many of your I’ll make the call leadership scenarios when I am out of the country beginning on the 10th of May.

I plan a few more FDIC related posts, some about fire and others about EMS and EMS 2.0, but bear with me, I’m trying to do as much writing as I can to keep you all up to date, but finding time lately has been a nightmare.

Be safe,


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