Indoor Doctor Office, Day.

The waiting room is full and the temperature is hot.

A nurse appears from behind a door.

NURSE: (early 20s, slightly overweight, pink scrubs)

Mr Frolin?

MR FROLIN: (early/mid 30s, fit, seems unsick)


He raises a hand and they walk back to a waiting room.

NURSE: Sorry about the wait, we’re swamped lately.

MR FROLIN: I just need a referral to a

dermatologist to get this spot checked out.

Insurance says they won’t let me do it unless I

get permission from you guys.

NURSE: Whatever, the Doctors will

be by in a minute.

She leaves before Mr Frolin can respond,

clearly he had something to say.

An hour passes.

Finally two men in their mid 40s and in white

coats enter the room and introduce themselves.

DR ONE: Hi, I’m Dr One, this is Dr Two.  And you’re…

(shuffling through papers)

MR FROLIN: I’m Steph Frolin, I hate to have to be here clogging

your office, but I have this skin spot

and want a dermatologist to check it,

my family has a history of skin


DR TWO: Easy, buddy, we’ll decide what you need.

MR FROLIN: I’m sorry, but why are there two of you in here

right now?

DR ONE: Dr Two is here for me to bounce ideas

off of and to help me if something goes

wrong.  And if it gets really busy we take

turns doing patient care.

DR TWO:  That’s just how we do it.

MR FROLIN: But I’ve been in your office for over 3 hours now,

after waiting two weeks for an

appointment and now this?  Aren’t

you both tired from having to see the same

patients?  Why not split up?  You could

see twice as many patients in the same time.

DR TWO:  That would leave each of us alone and

that’s not safe for you.  We work better as a pair.

DR ONE: Besides, the nurse was here to make sure

everything was fine before we got here, right?

MR FROLIN: Sure, an hour ago.  If you guys saw

patients separately, my wait would have been cut in half.

DR ONE: Well this is how we’ve always done it,

so why change now?

MR FROLIN: Are there Doctor’s offices that send one

Doctor to see a patient at a time?  I mean, both

of you are still getting paid and doing the same

thing, so there is no additional cost…

DR TWO: Look, sometimes we have a lot of patients and

having Dr One here to check on me is in

your best interest.

MR FROLIN: But my insurance is overcharging me

to pay you to know what you’re doing.  Can’t he go

help someone else right now, then you’ll

be able to accomplish twice as much?

Better yet, if you had separate offices it would

go even smoother.

DR TWO: We just like it better this way.

DR ONE: Yeah, we’re a team.

MR FROLIN: But only one of you is actually going to be

doing the work and the other is just watching.  Surely

you see this is a waste of resources?  Can’t you?


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