Happy Medic and the Chronicles of EMS message are headed to Indianapolis for FDIC April 22nd-24th. I was hoping to make some of the H.O.T. Classes earlier in the week, but Mrs HM is already tapping her foot about my Denver trip this week.
This full time work, full time web site thing is tough to balance.

But so long as I have the chance, I’m off to meet the other side at FDIC.

There is a meetup on Friday night at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery just blocks away from the Convention Center at 10 West Washington Street, beginning at 8 PM.

I will be on the convention floor, meeting as many folks as I can to talk about Chronicles, FireEMSBlogs.com and social media in general. I’ll be the one in the CoEMS T-Shirt.
If you find me on the floor at FDIC and tell me “Mark Glencorse is ruggedly handsome” I’ll give you a free #CoEMS phone sticker (while supplies last or until I’m tired of hearing about the Brit.)

Thaddeus, Mark and the rest of the Chronicles gang will be recovering from the first EMS 2.0 position presentation at Zoll Summit in Denver. That presentation is on Tuesday and the gang will be meeting this weekend to put together something I think you guys are going to love. We hope to premiere something at EMSExpo later in the year that will take Social Media in public safety to a whole new level.
But I’ll let them tell you more about it when they iron it out.

So Denver, then Indy, and all with my SCUBA certification in between, followed by the surf rescue course, and then some time off.

Heh, time off.

During National EMS Week, while Thaddeus and the team are here in the states working, I will be off the grid for a few weeks getting some time away with the wife. I think that’s why she was OK with my booking Indy, she knew this trip was coming. We’ve been planning it for years.

And then this news that just dropped today.

My service is administering the Paramedic Supervisor’s exam the week after I return from our trip away. Now my escape will be turned into a study trip.

That means it’s time for one of those blogger breaks that we usually take for a few days, then wander back when the urge strikes, but I may need to force myself to focus on the exam prep when the materials are published.

Hell yes I’m taking the test!

But I’ll still be your Happy Medic if I get the job, and just as happy if I end up right back where I am now.

More to follow,

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