You Make the CallIt’s been a quite day at the big house in your Department.  You are assigned to the busy engine and were ready for one hell of a day.  Today it will be quality, not quantity that gets you.

The bells ring and you have been dispatched as a single engine resource to a reported man hole fire in the City Center.  This area has heavy commercial, light industrial and some high occupancy buildings.  You have smoke showing from the firehouse as you pull out.  Convinced there is no way a 60+ foot column of smoke is your job, you are silent on the air at first.

As you arrive on the scene the wind is still, temps in the mid 60s and it is the early afternoon.  Turning the corner what you see is similar to this photo.

Obviously since you are first on the scene the responders in the photo have yet to even be dispatched.  Your driver is uphill and upwind, mainly because he’s that good and your crew is still in their seats.

What is your initial report for this incident and what resources will you request, if any? You make the call.

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