The light bub moment, when a face goes from confusion, then slack, then completely changes into a smile with a slight nod.

You see it in Paramedic classes usually 6 weeks into cardiology when they finally connect the ECG lines to physical electrical conduction.

It is seen on the faces of our youth as they learn to kick a ball, roll over or tie their shoes.

I saw it recently on the face of a triage nurse at Saint Closest, and all thanks to one of those controversial make-your-own movie cartoons.

The details are unimportant so I’ll just tell you that I had accompanied one of our ambulances to the trauma center and was milling about waiting for the engine company to come by and collect me.

While chatting in the triage area, @Chrismedic wandered in and we shared a hello and a quick photo before telling the staff all about CoEMS.  it was then one of the nurses mentioned a video they had seen online about a nurse and doctor having a back and forth only a nurse could appreciate.

It was then she mentioned she thinks she knows who made it since the maker of the film was called St Farthest, a common name for the botique hospitals on the outskirts of town.

The triage nurse had not been part of the conversation until she suddenly went expressionless saying, “Wait a minute.  just wait a minute.  Saint Farthest…Saint Closest…Oh.”

Then the light bulb moment struck as we all watched nodding slowly in a “you can do it, come on” motion.

“I get it!” Her face lit up.  “That’s just silly.”

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