The name is familiar and when you see his cartoons in the pages of Fire Engineering Magazine, they make you sit back and really think about your job and how you do it.

I have always enjoyed Paul’s no nonsense approaches to fireground safety, seat belt use and wearing your equipment.

But it was this image that caught my attention in a different way:

Please take a moment to browse the amazing images at Art Studio Seven, from the Fire Service Political Cartoons, to the illustrations and drawings.

But when you look at the cartoons don’t just read the words but take a few moments to explore the entire panel.  There is so much more every time I go through.

Thanks for sharing your talent, Illustrator Paul Combs.

And if the Chief wanders by while you’re reading this Sunday Fun, show him the site, he’ll recognize that signature with the big “O.”  Now you guys have something else in common.

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