I carried it on the plane.

I carried it in the pocket of my heavy winter coat, or what they call in Baltimore a “wind breaker.”

I had a permanent marker ready as well.

In the booth at EMS Today I had it proudly displayed.

When on the EMS Garage show I had it with me.

Why you ask?

So that if I run into Mike “Fossil Medic” Ward or the Firegeezer I can get the world’s first autographed Firegeezer mug.

Yup, Fanboi Alert.

Mark Glencorse caught this shot just as I handed Mike Ward the mug and the pen.mike ward

Thanks Fire Critic for capturing this shot of me and Bill Schumm, the Firegeezer himself.

And so the mug takes it’s place amongst my other Fire treasures.  I’ll have to order another one to actually drink out of because I am so not washing that one.  Ever.


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