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This is mainly to get everyone to stop sending me emails on how to watch Episode 2 of the Chronicles of EMS.

We haven’t made it yet.

That isn’t to say there isn’t one, but keep in mind it costs nearly $10,000 to film an episode and Setla Films put together a knockout punch premiere for far less than that.

We have a ton of footage of me and Mark in the fire station, riding the engine and having in depth conversations about calls we showed you.  So in essence, if we put together a second episode from the SF adventure and held it to the same standards I would have to go back into the studio and re-record a lot of voice over to cover set ups and explanations of what was happening, otherwise it would be the Justin and mark interview show, which is currently under the name A Seat at the Table.

You have all been so wonderful in your acceptance and spreading of the first episode and it was indeed an amazing experience to make it, help prepare it and then release and share it with the world.

To put things in perspective, you are all the happy first time parents of this baby, the Chronicles of EMS, and we just rolled over for the first time.

You’re excited, the calendar has been marked and you’re calling all your friends to tell them what just happened.

Do you want to see us roll over again or start to crawl?

Crawl or walk?

Walk or run?

Run or race?

This is the beginning of a lot of firsts for us and for you the audience.  Feel free to keep emailing your thoughts and concerns to me ( and to Mark(  We not only welcome your comments but demand them because, after all, this is about community above all else.

We made 2000 facebook fans in 3 days while filming and the ning site is still gaining members.

Keep the word spreading and when the next episode comes out you won’t have to help us spread the word, just sit back, relax and enjoy.

So, in summation, we’re rolling over, you like it and we’re doing more and more every day. (Wait until you see what we’re trying to do for EMS Expo! I’ve said too much already)

If you want to see a new episode sooner, get on the phone to your ambulance salesman, equipment supplier and union rep to get in touch with us about sponsoring a trip to your system or a system you want to see.  You’d be amazed what magazines are charging these days for an ad that gets looked at once, then put away.  We offer a part in the future of EMS, all they have to do is think like Pepsi.

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