You Make the CallYou’re the boss on the ladder company today and have decided to run the troops through their paces.  The large extension ladder is raised in front of the firehouse.

You’ve sent the young guy up to practice working off the side and locking in when a woman with a clip board casually strolls up and begins to talk to you.

Even though all your member are in their PPE with helmets in place, she refuses to stand back as she makes notes on a sheet on her clip board.

“I notice your ladder is not secured at the top,” she tells you.

“Well No, Ma’am, it’s not, we’re practicing a situation where that doesn’t happen, that’s why this fellow here is holding the ladder,” you tell her while pointing to your foot man holding the ladder as he always does.

She presents credentials from the local occupational safety department and orders your member off the ladder.  She then demands to speak to your supervisor for a violation of safety laws.

What do you tell her?  You make the call.

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