What a weekend indeed. As our regular readers are aware, it appears those 26 exhausting days back in November were worth it after all. Even though only the first half of our Project was turned into the Chronicles of EMS, the entire experience has changed the way I view my system.

This screen shot will take you where you can watch the show.

This past Friday saw the World Premiere of the Chronicles of EMS Reality Series in San Francisco. Mark and I arrived a bit early at the request of Producer/Director Thaddeus Setla and were quickly aware of the extensive set up on site. Multiple large TVs are linked to laptops and cameras, all relying on a tiny ethernet cable to stream it all live around the world.
The chat room got a bit colorful at times but we did notice those of you out there reminding visitors to keep things clean, even if they refused.
Before we knew what was happening, Mark and I were at a table talking with magazine reporters, investors, friends and readers, all excited to see the first episode.
Although we had a really nifty schedule of events, technical troubles and the wave of people in the Hotel Frank made that schedule difficult to keep.

Keep in mind this is all being put together by Paramedics, not professional live streaming folks. We can’t afford them yet.

But when the show went live, the room got quiet and I went to the back of the crowd to gauge reactions. And the were 100% positive.

Thank you all so much for taking your own time and money to help us show the world what we did and what we learned.

The following morning Ted loaded up the cameras, Mark and got a few folks from out of town we usually talk to over skype or email to sit down and talk with us.  We fired up the cameras and filmed a sister show, A Seat at the Table.

It was more fun to film than I expected and we talked about a lot of issues. You can watch the show link for information on future table discussions and how you can join them live, each show has a laptop open to the chat room which has it’s own place at the table.

Whenever we travel with the Chronicles team, we hope to gather folks around the table and open the dialogue even more.

Thank you again for all your positive comments about the show, we hope to live up to your high standards in the future.

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