Thanks to the Chronicles of EMS, both Mark Glencorse and I will be attending the JEMS EMS Today Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, March 5th and 6th.

It’s a big deal for us to be able to spread our message to as many people as we can and there is no better way to share ideas than face to face.  Even though we can communicate here in the internets machine, Mark and I didn’t really see what each other meant until we stood shoulder to shoulder in each other’s systems.

Since it will be a little while until we can get to everyone’s systems and learn from everyone how best to deliver EMS, heck even what EMS means anymore, we’ll travel as much as we can to meet you and keep the dialogue open.


That’s where our sponsor ZOLL Medical comes in.

SFFD Zoll Rep Roy Kniveton was kind enough to give the Chronicles of EMS team a run down of things coming from Zoll and let us put the new E Series through some quick tests.  Not any of that scientific lab type stuff, but medics dragging it around a room type tests.  Roy even offered to let the 100′ aerial ladder truck run over it to show it’s durability.

The truck officer declined the request.

But aside from coming in and letting us see what was new, Roy actually listened when we told him about our growing following.  He was genuinely interested in the EMS 2.0 movement and did some quick searching to see what we were interested in getting from our equipment in the future.

We must have done something right because our near future included a generous sponsorship in our pilot episode and flying Mark and me to Baltimore for EMS Today.  We will be Zoll’s guests at their booth and we’re looking forward to meeting all of you and answering questions about the Chronicles show, new concepts coming in social media TV and anything else you want to talk about.

I’ve never had anyone fly me anywhere before.

And to EMS Today no less.  Check out the web page HERE and look for JEMS Editor in Chief AJ Heightman to wander in to give you the details on all the exciting things happening around me and Mark.  Yes, there will be more than us ruggedly handsome frumpydumple fellows.

If you get a chance to make the premiere of the Chronicles of EMS in San Francisco on Feb 12th, we’d love to have you, sign up to let us know you’re coming HERE.  And a special thanks to and AAM Consulting (Randy Africano) for sponsoring the premiere event at the Hotel Frank.  More about them soon.

See you in SF.

See you in Baltimore.

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