Welcome back to every Paramedic’s worst nightmare-


The wildly entertaining game show that makes you actually learn what kids weigh by looking at them without being given their specs on a written exam.

So there can be no cheating, despite your best efforts to find someone who knows the age/history of the child, none can be found.  Your Braslow tape was left on the bed in the ER last night.  Also, for you out there in the know, all of the clothing tags have been removed, so no excuses.  Now let’s play DOSE THAT KID!

elizaOur first contestant has been found in a child care center in a woman’s garage.  They state the girl is new to the group and they have no information on her whatsoever.  She was having a bottle when she choked,turned blue and is now unconscious, unresponsive and in vfib.  Your partner is managing the airway and has IV access. DOSE THAT KID!

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