My vote for Blog of the Year

There be another contest on the interwebs where my site has the honor (Sorry Mark, honour) of being included with some of my favorite sites.  So I clicked on a link to vote and was unsure who I should vote for.  I could vote for myself (and there is still time) but for today I wanted to share with you my decision process in voting for Fire Critic’s 20009 Fire/EMS Blog of the Year.

In the voice of Jon Lovitz from SNL.

Fire Daily is not only half the mind behind the new Firefighter Netcast Show (debuting January 12th), but is a great fire service read with the 360 burn size up of the web feature and others.  He has a nice bit about how he has gotten this far and a great recap of why he likes each of the other contenders for the FC2009, but I heard he leaves his trash out all night, so I can’t vote for him. Yeah, the trash.

Firegeezer is the site that gave me my big break.  Between Old Man Geezer on the fire side and that Fossil of a Medic Ward covering EMS they are your one stop shop for everything Fire and EMS.  Wait, that makes it sound like I should vote for them.  I take it back, they just sell mugs, pay them no attention.  No attention at all, that’s it.

999Medic is a fraud.  A complete fraud.  The guy got all the way here and he isn’t even a Paramedic.  True story.  I’m surprised he hasn’t been disqualified already.  Just because he created the Handover Blog carnival…big whoop!  I met him and he isn’t even the guy in his photos…or something…well I can’t vote for him now anyway.

STATter911 isn’t just Dave Statter you know.  It’s a bot!  How else could one man post pictures and a news report from a fire that hasn’t even started yet?  Whenever someone asks me something about the fire service, I check statter911 first to see if it’s true, then claim the information as my own.  No way is STATter911 eligible, way too accurate.  Look over there now, I bet there’s already a story about who won this contest and it’s only the 6th!  Can’t give you my vote. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Rescuing Providence is written by a Lieutenant with a bad back!  Ignore the whole published author, writing style and emotion on the blog, pay attention to the fact he is injured!  Just because he’s making a movie from his wonderful writing doesn’t make him the best, does it?  Sorry Lt Morse, if you were healthy I’d give you my vote. Yeah. Yeah, injured.

Firehouse Zen seems like a great choice for fire/EMS blog of the year, but look again.  Most of his posts are about responsible leadership and thinking through decisions on the fireground.  If I wanted to be responsible I’d work for UPS.  UPS, or maybe the TSA.  yeah, TSA, thet’s the ticket.  Too much white helmet stuff, Mick, I can’t give you my vote.

Everyday EMS Tips by Greg Friese?  That guy has 11 billiondy learning websites and has a huge impact on young paramedics and EMTs.  EMS Bootcamp?  Seriously?  If I was a smart guy I could do all that teaching stuff too Greg.  And all the twitter updates.  Shoot…um…well…you’re too…um…teachy.  Yeah, too teachy, no vote.

The EMT Spot – “I’m Steve Whitehead and I write posts that make you really think about your job and those around you.  And I have the coolest banner on the interwebs.”  He actually told that to me once, so no way am I voting for him.

</jon lovitz>

Engine 9 RFD.   A single engine blogs from all three shifts about life in Roanoke?  I know, but this video alone gets them my vote for Fire/EMS blog of the year.  If that isn’t a firehouse video, I don’t know what is.  This video gets my official 10th LOL on the interwebs machine.  Even the music was timed perfectly.

I am also very appreciative to the Fire Critic, the other mind behind the Firefighter netcast, for creating this contest and letting me be a part of it.  I hope to win and have hired a large group of alzheimers patients to vote for me every day.  So there.  Ha!

In all honesty, friends, this is an impossible field for me to choose from.  I will vote for everyone because I read them all regularly and respect their motives, content and intentions.  I chose everyone. Everyone, yeah.


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16 thoughts on “My vote for Blog of the Year”

  1. Oh….My…..God!! My mates at work were wondering what I was doing when I started laughing out loud at 0200 in the station.
    Fantastic stuff mate, although I cant believe that you finally found out the truth about me!

  2. Oh….My…..God!! My mates at work were wondering what I was doing when I started laughing out loud at 0200 in the station.
    Fantastic stuff mate, although I cant believe that you finally found out the truth about me!

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