…No, I’m always Happy to see you.

As it is these days with blogs, websites, social media accounts, emails and every other conceivable way to link to these here pages of EMS and Fire fun, there always seems to be something new and interesting out there.  My analytics recently showed a site called tactical pants.

Enter tacticalpants.com.  Now before you get all Motorcop on me and discuss the merits on how many pockets your duty pants should have (Mark’s jumpsuit has billions, I prefer a standard 5) take a look in the bottom right hand corner of their site and hidden rather carefully is a title labeled Tactical Pants Blog.

I know, right?  I thought the same thing.  Kind of like seeing that my toothpaste has a website, how interesting could it really be?

Well, I had a click and started to read not only posts about law enforcement, but links to some of my favorite blogs as well.  They even interviewed AD a little while ago, but not too much about his pants, more about being a Medic, blogger, author and role model.

So I’m trying to decide where to add Tactical Pants in my blogroll between PD Evals and Continuing Education.  For now they will reside in the PD Evals section just because of the hilarious Cop LOLCats feature they did.  Go on, take a look.  It’s right near the AD piece.  Coincidence?  HMMMMM?

Waiting for the bells to ring,


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