This hose monkey has some questions for you.  Please answer honestly, anonymously if you like, but some things have been bothering Happy as of late.

Question #1

Does your employer discourage you from being honest with your patients when it comes to transport decisions?

Question #2

Has your employer asked you to omit information on your reports that would prevent billing a patient a certain way?

Question #3

If a patient asked your opinion, you told the truth and they refused care, would you be in fear for your job?

Question #4

Does your service encourage starting an IV or EKG monitoring for BLS patients to upgrade the billing?

Question #5

Are you aware that the above situations could constitute fraud?

If you are trying to decide whether to do what is right by your patient or keep your job, email me.  Your employer, municipal or private, paid or volunteer, is wrong and we need help changing their practices.

If you are comfortable and supported by your service when being honest with your patients about their conditions and transport options, please list your service in the comments section, they deserve praise.



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