Well, well, well, your flirting has finally caught up with you, eh? (Thrown in for Little Girl)

This situation called for either disregard and hiding or coming out into the open. Or blaming someone else… Where is MC when you need him?

I chose to come forward and tell the brass about the situation, in person. When I walked into headquarters and into the Chief’s office I was met by a familiar coffee cup on the desk and knew everything was cool. We talked about how parking in front of the shops we frequent can send the wrong signal and that we were of course allowed to patronize appropriate businesses.

In the end it could have gone either way with the same result, I think there was some pressure from City Hall as to why one of “their” rigs was in an ad without their permission.

There was no such outcry when a local insurance group used a shot of one of our rigs in their ads proclaiming quality care by their services.

If you said be honest and get out in front of this thing, you made the right call.

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