A Tip of the Helmet to online EMS educator Greg Friese and his extensive research into how EMS agencies need to embrace social media before it gets past them and starts to cause problems. In his September 2009 article, he mentions our efforts here at HMHQ to use this media for positive change in our profession.

Not sure what social networking can do for EMS? Have you ever used a tip you learned online, on twitter or even done a google search for something related to your role as an emergency care giver?

Then you are using social media to advance our Profession. Learn more in the article here,and at the EMS Expo in Atlanta Georgia, where it looks like Greg will be expanding on his article in person. I would attend, but will be recovering from my CO-Op Refresher in New Mexico and preparing for the Project, which starts in less than 6 weeks.

A Tip of the Helmet to Greg Friese. On twitter and facebook and everything. I’m sure he’d have it no other way.

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