A Tip of the Helmet – HIPAA Mad Libs

A tip of the helmet to Mack505 at Notes From Mosquito Hill.

The recent post joking about how a HIPAA approved EMS blog entry would look sparked a nifty idea over at his home blog.

Mack505 copied the [bracketed] items and sent them to friends as an actual EMS Mad Lib.

The first one came back and it is indeed funny. Give it a shot, here is the list of brackets.

[a location]
[medical condition]
[possible relative]
[partaking in a household task]
[he and/or she]
[mechanism of injury]
[an injury and/or illness]
[municipal service]
[a/an approved medical device]
[patient care procedure]
[medical device]
[medical device]
[an approved setting]
[the appropriate button]
[a body part]
[patient care procedure]
[approved pharmacological interventions]
[Physician and/or Physician’s Group]
[a secular receiving medical facility]
[an approved pharmacological intervention]

Replace your words into the text of the original post and send it to Mack505. Neat idea Mack, I like it and we might just do this again some time.

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3 thoughts on “A Tip of the Helmet – HIPAA Mad Libs”

  1. On a more serious note, just remember that if you want to see a decrease in data breaches of Protected Health Information (PHI), then both Covered Entities and Business Associates should do three (3) primary things. 1. Put in place all necessary HIPAA policies and procedures. (2). Strictly enforce annual security awareness training for all employees and workforce members and (3). Build a network that has comprehensive elements of layered security and defense-in-depth within it. Call the 3 point triangle for HIPAA success, which is relatively straightforward, yet many CE’s and BA’s simply fail to grasp the importance of such initiatives. Remember that HHS | OCR has announced even more annual HIPAA compliance audits, so be ready.

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