A special welcome to a newcomer on the Mutual Aid Board, a new site I caught on day 1 following along on Twitter. Firecritic.com has some great stuff so far, with just enough angst between the lines to have your old pal Happy grinning and giggling.

Giggling aside, attached to a good piece about the Mexico daycare fire is this great video about residential sprinklers. This should be required viewing for every municipality considering requiring the installation of the little life savers.

As I was watching it and marveling at the effort someone went through to build the prop only to light it off, the nozzle team comes in and makes me pause the video and rewind.
Are they still teaching this “cool down the ceiling with fog” stuff in fire college? Watch the video:

I posted a comment over at Fire Critic and wanted to expand on it here. I was taught more than a few years ago about cooling the ceiling with fog, then I had a chance to try it in a residential fire. When the darn thing kept burning I chose to aim the wet at the red and, wouldn’t you know it, the air stopped burning too.

Perhaps fire works differently where you are, maybe I’m in a vortex, but watching the amount of steam that escapes this prop when hey “cool” the air takes me back to how hot that hallway got when I tried it for the last time 10 plus years ago.

Yes, yes, I know, the fire went out. My point being, has anyone else noticed that a smooth bore from a distance works better and removes this need to “fog above?”

I am curious to especially hear from Nottrainedbutwetryhard, Lt Morse and the Road Dr on this one, mainly because I think they show a nice cross section of both readers and departments. (I only know one of them, that’ll do.)

To fog or not to fog, that is my question.

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