A few things I did the other day made my partner ask, more than once, “Do you always do that?”
So I was wondering…

Do you ever…

Wipe your feet before walking into a person’s house?
Always wear a collared shirt, jacket or sweater in public on duty, not just a t-shirt?
Learn and repeat your patient’s name?
Always check to see which preconnect is 150′ and 200′ even if you were 99% sure?
Tie an extra tourniquet to the hand rail, just in case?
Clean the stethoscope after each use?
Write the expiration date on the drug boxes and place them all right side up?
Keep spare goggles on your helmet and actually deploy them?
Wander out on the app floor and practice ropes and knots?
Apologize to the hospital clerk for misspelling the unconscious patient’s name?
Honk the horn and teach people to pull RIGHT and stop, not LEFT and stop?
Offer to help the elderly woman to the toilet before the transport?
Let the new guy try for the tube first?
Clean the Officer’s bathroom first?
Treat fake asthma with 0.9% saline, nebulized *wink*?
Make sure to buckle the waist strap on the SCBA?
Comment on filthy turnout pants in the kitchen?
Correct a false statement when not amongst friends?

No? Just me?

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