Follower Dantarius recently commented on a post I put up about how I was frustrated about the limits of care offered by private companies. Then those companies turn to the “Socialized” Fire Department for help.

I too often forget that I live in a microcosm where I am and likely have a different view about what is broken and what is working.

Anyone who has even glanced at this site knows I don’t have all the answers, but I know what would work better where I am. Terms like Socialized, profit, care etc are used differently in different parts of the world, so my using them here could be interpreted differently by others.

So that got me wondering, what would work better where you are?

I’m asking readers to give a quick thought to what doesn’t work where you are and give a solution.

Kind of like this:
We have a great deal of folks who use the Ambulance as a free taxi ride. I think a good solution would be to have a kind of little school bus that wanders the city giving them the rides they want. Not point to point, but on a set route. No commuters or kids going to school. That would reduce the strain on ambulances and ERs.

If you know of a system that solved a problem someone lists or know of a solution already working, drop that person a link.

Let’s learn from each other what is broken and how to fix it. Together we, the care providers, might be able to fix this thing from the bottom up.

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