A call for submissions – The Handover Volume 2

Medicblog999’s concept of The Handover, a blog carnival for pre-hospital and ER/A&E staff was a great success.
For those of you not familiar with a blog carnival, it’s a kind of wrap up or overview of blog postings around a topic or theme. If 999’s doesn’t spell out the idea, check out emergiblog from a California nurse who knows the format and has great stuff.

I, your humble Happy Medic, have volunteered (begged) to serve as your moderator for Volume 2 of The Handover, due out March 27th.
“A Learning Moment” is the theme for March.
Think of it as a way to help folks learn the lesson you did without actually having to teach them.

  • Something an instructor taught you that worked in the real world?
  • A patient that presented in a way that surprised you?
  • A nurse or doctor who asked that one extra question of the patient that made the whole situation make perfect sense?

Send me a link to your post, or a post you think should be included, by March 23rd to thehappymedic at gmail.com.

I look forward to your stories. Send them along and don’t be shy.


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