We just wanted an oil change.
Turns out the reason Medic Van 99 has felt rough recently was only visible from below. Part of the frame was cracked. We look for the obvious stuff, sure, but mechanics we are not. What do you think this is Boston?

So the oil change guy at the City yard tells us the vehicle has been “Red tagged” and is not safe to operate. Then he gives us instructions to drive the red tagged ambulance to the mechanic’s yard a few blocks away. OK.

When we arrive at the mechanic’s yard, they have no spare ambulance for us. “You’ll need to drive over to the ambulance storage yard and get a relief piece, then bring it back.” We’re told.

This is too priceless. So I had my buddy in the seat snap a pic. It’s not the clearest and I still have my helmet on, but you can just make out the tag as we’re driving along.

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