First off, I have a new source for amazing fire photos, First Due Fire Photos
, which is where I saw the following image taken at the scene of quite a fire in Ansonia, CT.
The image is part from a series taken by the gentleman noted in the photo, which includes a dramatic bailout from a third floor amidst heavy smoke.

No doubt this was a tense situation and the life of a brother was at risk, but while looking through the photos, this one grabbed me right away:

See the whole series HERE

Even though from the comfort of my laptop and having plenty of time to guess that is a cable TV line I’m not going to touch it. I don’t care if the utility guy himself is touching it and not dead, any wire overhead is there for a reason.

Now before everyone starts posting that I’m wrong or overly cautious, look again at the other wire nearby that they already passed or are about to pass. Think they’ll grab that one too? No one was injured as a result of this, at least not reported, but is this a habit to get into?

Helmet off to the folks who thought fast to get a ladder to the white helmet bailing out and control the fire to the best of their ability, but this is an accident waiting to happen.

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